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Mr Rafał Zagalak, MD-PhD.

Aims at perfection. All for patients’ sake.

Having graduated from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, first Medical Faculty and then Programme in Dentistry, he took only four years to pass his PhD examinations. He is a member of Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Implantologii Stomatologicznej [Polish Society of Dental Implantology] and Polskie Stowarzyszenie Implantologiczne [Polish Implantology Association]. Medical Director in the Foundation of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences (since 1998). Engaged in academic research in Poland and abroad. Works on Polish and international patents in implantology.

His clinic is the realisation of his dream to provide comprehensive dental care. Dentistry is his passion, which is easily perceived by the patients who endow him with a lot of trust. During a dental procedure, he is concentrated and ready to face the most daunting challenges of implantology. At consultations, he radiates devotion and patience, explains and dispels patients’ fears and anxieties. Tirelessly in quest of the best solutions possible.

Dentistry is also his pastime activity. He also likes taking photographs and playing the saxophone.