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Zagalaks’ Dental Clinic is a place where the patient is the priority.

Mrs Maria Lorentowicz-Zagalak and Mr Rafał Zagalak realize here their dream of providing dental care according to the tenets of holisticism and humanism.

Zagalak Clinic

The Clinic was established in Bydgoszcz in 2002 and since its beginning its mission has been to combine friendly atmosphere with high medical standards.

Dr n. med. Maria Lorentowicz-Zagalak
i dr n. med Rafał Zagalak

Mrs Maria Lorentowicz-Zagalak, MD-PhD and Mr Rafał Zagalak, MD-PhD practice here together with a well-qualified team. There is always an assistant during a procedure, which ensures precision of work and guarantees comfort to patients. Our staff’s medical services are of the top quality; patients’ wellbeing is in the centre of their attention.

Best Quality Clinic

In 2004 Zagalaks’ Dental Clinic became the first practice in Bydgoszcz which implemented the certified system of quality management (ISO 9001) and gained the internationally acknowledged TUV Rheinland certificate. Thanks to the world-class standards of dental care, the Clinic is popular among patients from all over Poland and Europe. For many years the Clinic has been providing comprehensive dental care to the international personnel of the Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz.
High quality equipment

The Clinic has state-of-the-art equipment, such as: digital X-ray apparatus which facilitates accurate and early diagnoses. In order to maintain the highest standards, surgical microscopes or specialist magnifying glasses are employed in almost all procedures. Patients are safe here and receive the best dental care they can imagine.

Our Mission

Our the patient is always the priority

We always treat person

One step into our Clinic and you already feel friendliness in the air, kindness of the staff and devotion of a dentist. You are calm.

We are just like you: we have families, friends and dogs. That is why we are empathic and attentive listeners. Your well-being means a lot to us because we know it is a prerequisite for successful treatment.

trust - dream - effect

Trust means effects

Together we make your life better. Blue is the colour of trust, wisdom and sensitivity. Each patient is important to us as a person.

In our Clinic you will experience a change for the better yourself. A lot of positive energy, determination and knowledge contribute to good treatment results. The future? You will enjoy the smile of your dreams.

sensibility - peace - aura

We care about patient comfort

When invited to the Clinic, you may rest assured that we will do our best to solve your dental problems. What’s more, we vow to make the most of all our resources. Therefore, we smile at each other.

In our Clinic trust and smile are common features of interpersonal relations. Our knowledge and experience let us find solutions to the most difficult medical challenges. Thus, we overflow with optimism and share it with our patients.

smile - knowledge - professionalism